Beautiful & effective custom application design to increase your sales

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Empower your sales force: put your data at their fingertips.

Whether in the office or out in the field, your sales team are most effective when they have instant access to their product and service data. MediaFuse designs custom application tools to place that data at your fingertips (literally) – including cost calculators, product demos, and product marketing libraries.

We design our apps for multiple scenarios. Each tool can be an extension of your Web site or stand-alone iPad app; it can be made available to customers, or for your sales people only.

MediaFuse apps are developed with a common core design, allowing cost-effective deployment to multiple platforms – Web, desktop, laptop, and tablets.

Exceptional examples

Case studies

MediaFuse is dedicated to innovation in the design and development of useful Web and tablet (iDevice) applications. We are developers and designers who have honed a unique process converging usability, design, and simplicity. This unusual combination allows us to not only deliver gorgeous applications, but also to significantly advance the marketing initiatives of our clients.

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Product selection guide
with data and marketing library

Product selection guide
with decision-tree

Cost-comparison calculator
with data storage system

Long-term value

Data management

Our ongoing development of backend processes allows MediaFuse to deliver much more than one-off applications. Instead we build each app with future development and versions in mind.

Because of this, our team is highly sought after and the value we place in maintenance and support of everything we produce for our clients is unparalleled.